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Weekly Showcase - 29th May 2024

Here we are, another week, and therefore another weekly showcase to enjoy. Today truly is quite the eclectic bunch, and that brings me great joy. And trust me, that's no easy feat.


First up today, we have the wonderful Mitch treating us all to his beautiful paintjob. What I find most eye catching about this piece, is the tier of colours, with the tones of blue for the basing, tones of red for the squig, and then those amazing yellow and green tones for the Loonboss. From a technical point of view, that makes this a masterpiece. But it's when you start paying atention to the flawless NMM work, skillfull blending and brush work, and saliva effects, you know you're inspired. For more inspiraton, check out Mitch's page

Next up, we've got a ghoulish treat for you all, in the form of this flesh eater. I love the alternate colour choice for the sinewy parts, utilising a beautiful blend of green, instead of the usual red. This works wonderfully against the sickly pale skin tones and the blue hue armour. The flesh around the ear being pink provides a nice little pop of colour to contrast the bright green. And that basing work really is superb, providing an overgrown backdrop that looks natural and pretty. Check out tis artist's work for more prettiness!

Daniel is next, bringing us his take on those charming little bugs of alien descent. I'm glad he has, because I think the colour scheme for these guys looks absolutely fantastic. Beautifully eye catching, full of character and colour. That tone of green truly is visually delightful, and it contrasts perfectly against the black and red carapace and spiky parts. I have no doubt, that seeing a full force of these guys together in this scheme, would be quite the retinal spectacle. Go and have a look at Daniel's page to suckle on some of that spectacle.

Finally today, we've got another beautiful take on these friendly neighbourhood... creatures? This artist's colour palette is lovely, and works so well over this sculpt. Contrasting the grey/blue tones of the skin, against the bone and wings, has provided an end result that is beautifully eye catching. Despite using qquite dark tones, the expert use of highlighting has ensured all of the details pop brightly. And the work on the wings, to create that stippled effect, is truly incredible. Make sure you go check out this artist's work to see this paintjob and others in more detail!


And that's all we have time and space for this week. I know that's all your precious little retinas can take anyway, so we'll stop before the mind blowing-ly beautiful paintjobs cause your head to implode with the pressure of pure inspiration. Now take that inspiration, put it into one of your paintjobs, and come shout at me to feature you. To do so, get in touch via here, or @plasticpreacher via Instagram.


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