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Weekly Showcase - 22nd May 2024

Welcome to this next entry in the weekly showcase series, taking a brief look into a selection of some of the wonderful artists and their respective artworks we are lucky enough to have in our miniature painting community. Let's get going shall we?


First up is a truly wonderful piece, created by Mike. If you stay in the loop of Golden Demon, you'll recognise this piece as one of the gold winners. It's clear to see why, with both the paintjob and the composition of the overall diorama executed to a masterful level. The subtle colour pallete hides the complexity and skill of the paintjob, which can only really be appreciated fully by looking in more detail. To do so, you need to head over to Mike's page now!

Sean is up next, bringing us our injection of Tzeentchy goodness. I'll never get bored of seeing this sculpt painted up, and this paintjob is no different. Sean's painting style lends nicely to this paintjob, achieving a pretty gritty and dark feel to an otherwise mindblowingly vibrant model. It's hard to stay away from the traditional Tzeentch blue, but when it looks this good, how could you do otherwise? I love the little dead tree that has been made for the base too. Check out Sean's page for more!

Next up, we've got this beautiful little creature to gaze upon. This artist has gone all out on creating an alternate colour scheme, and I'm all for it. Trugg looks fantastic sporting a pale blue skin tone, and it looks great against the boney colours of his antlers, and greens of the overgrowth on his back. I especially like the work done on creating the pink tones on his ears and nose, as those contrast perfectly against the blue, whilst keeping the overall paintjob perfectly grounded. Great work and more to be found over on this artist's page!

Finally, we've got this visual treat for you to feast your little eyeballs on. This artist has come up with a fantastically nostalgic feeling paintjob, utilising a beautiful palette of contrasting blues and oranges. I can't tell if the nostalgic element comes from the the painting style, or perhaps the colours of that Sunday evening sunset; but it speaks to me in some way. It's remarkable how such a tiny piece of art can cause such feelings, so thank you dear artist for that. Go check out their page to repay them for such an experience!


That's all she wrote for today. I hope you enjoyed the offerings we have been lucky enough to have, and make sure you do go and check out these artists in a little more detail. Maybe send them a message and let them know you're watching. Tell them you can see them right now, them them what colour their shirt is and what they're eating for dinner. And then tell them you love them, but will keep your distance until the time is right.

But until that fateful day, make sure you continue to check these weekly showcases for your weekly doese of inspiration, and if you'd like to volunteer your own work for our visual consumption, get in touch via here, or @plasticpreacher via Instagram.


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